this year has been one of the most amazing years of my life. one that has taught me no matter how many plan As and plan Bs you have, unplanned C is always a possibility. as shitty and tough 2007 was, 2008 made up for it by 1000000000000. i can´t imagine 2007 having been any different because that would mean my 2008 would not have brought me my sweet Freya Amelie.

it´s been a year of firsts.
the first outgrown pants.
the first jellybean kick.
the first jellybean roll.
the first stretch mark! (which came AFTER the birth! and was soon followed by the 2nd and 3rd...)
the first hiccups from below.
the first birth.
the first scream.
the first PINK jellybean! (i am still amazed and shocked as i was so certain she was a he)
the first kiss.
the first hold.
the first breastfeed.
the first car ride.
the first bath.
the first walk in the stroller.
the first mommy´s group meeting which brought so many new friends.
the first eye contact.
the first smile.
the first cooing.
the first laugh.
the first rolling over.
the first sitting up.
the first passport.
the first plane ride.
the first time i could call myself "mommy".

so many firsts that have made this year so amazing.

i know 2008 hasn´t been the best year for many on my FL. however, i am so excited to see what 2009 brings for us all. i wish all of you the most amazing year yet, full of many wonderful firsts (as well as many wonderful 2nds and 3rds and 10000000ths).


last night i had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
cirque du soleil- delerium
i have been wanting to see cirque for years. about 10 years in fact.
for some reason, the timing was always off financially
cirque, be it gorgeous, is not cheap.

most recently, i had the chance in vegas, but decided against it as i thought P and i would be driving cross country for our honeymoon
so i passed... thinking we could see it together in vegas.
then the honeymoon moved to the carribean...

about 8 months ago i read that cirque was coming to stockholm!
tickets were going to be released in 1 month from the article
i set a reminder on my mobile
on release day i booked 2 of the most expensive tickets
i took best available, but i had no idea how good they actually were

last night, as we made our way into globe arena, we were pointed towards the front
and then further towards the front
until we were seated
2nd row. center.

we were so close.
i could see the beads of sweat on the performers.
i could hear their voices without the use of mics.
i could see the muscles in their well cut bodies.
i could see them shaking as they manipulated themselves into the most amazing positions and held them for ages.
i could make eye contact with them.

it. was. amazing.
the show was over almost as soon as i blinked...
delerium is a show based on music- not on acrobatics.
i can only imagine how the other shows are...
i won't wait 10 years again.